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The Best Poker Sites Online Have It, But Do You Know How To Play It? – Pyramid Poker

The Best Poker Sites Online Have It, But Do You Know How To Play It? – Pyramid Poker

What is Pyramid Poker?

Pyramid Poker is, in essence, a simplified version of Pai Gow Poker. The difference is mainly that in Pai Gow the number of cards dealt with each player is 7 and with pyramid poker each player is dealt with only three cards. The hand rankings are also very similar, the only difference being that the aces are always high. The cards are always dealt in the shape of a pyramid which gives the game its name.

How to Play Pyramid Poker – Rules

  • The rules for pyramid poker are quite simple and great for beginners wanting to dip their toe into the world of poker playing.
  • Firstly, the game is played with a regular 52 card deck without jokers. At least two people are needed to play the game, but the idea number is around eight.
  • Before you start you need to decide on a dealer and place bets which becomes the “Main bet”. Once the cards have been shuffled each player and dealer receives three cards, dealt laying face down.

The player must arrange his three cards into a 2-card and a 1-card hand. A pair shall beat any two singletons in the 2-card hand. As in Pai Gow Poker, the two-card hand must outrank the one-card hand. The dealer will arrange his or her three cards into two hands according to rules known as the “House Way”. For example, when holding three unpaired cards, the middle-ranking card must be placed in the dealer’s one-card hand. When holding a pair of 2s through 8s, the pair must be placed in the dealer’s two-card hand. When a pair of 9s or higher is obtained, the pair always goes in the dealer’s two-card hand, as long as the singleton is at least a six or higher. Otherwise, the pair should be split according to additional house way rules.

Hands are scored according to poker value. There are no straights or flushes in the 2- card hand. The players 1- card hand will be compared to the dealer’s hand and then the 2- card hands will also be compared. In order to win even money on the main bet, the player’s 2-card and 1-card hands must both outrank the dealer’s hands. If the dealer wins both hands then the player will lose his bet. When a player wins one hand but loses on another then that players bet will result in a “push”. This means that there is no winner and the wager amount is returned. However, if the player wins the dealer on both hands, then the player shall win 1 to 1. If hands are of equal face value it’s called a copy. For example, if both 1- card hands are kings. This automatically goes in favor of the dealer. This gives the casino a house edge of approximately 3.5%.

Pyramid Poker Strategy

There are a few pyramid poker tips and tricks that you can learn.

Play the lowest card in the 1- card hand with any card 2,3 and 5 or greater or any card 2, 4 and queen or greater. When there are three singletons play the middle card in the 1- card hand.

When you are presented with a pair and a singleton it is normally a good idea to play the pair in the 2-card hand. However, there are a few exceptions. If you have a 2 to 4 singleton and a pair of jacks or higher. Also if you have a 5 to 7 singleton and a pair of queens or higher. Additionally, an 8 or 9 singleton and a pair of kings or higher. Finally, a 10 or jack singleton and a pair of aces.

Overall, the best thing is to be alert and to be clever. You know there are 52 cards, no jokers and the possibility of each card showing is 4 in 52 because there are 4 of each card (in hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs). So, if there are four players and you know that, for example, 3 of them have a 4 card you know there is a lower possibility of the dealer having a 4 because 3 of them are already in use. This kind of strategy is not always going to deliver but it can help you narrow down your choices on what cards to play. If the game is very fast paced then it may be more difficult but with practice and studying it can become a vital part of your strategy.

How to Play Chinese Poker and Open Face Chinese Poker

How to Play Chinese Poker and Open Face Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker provides diversity to players who are looking to try something out of the box. The game is also called Pusoy. It has been played across Asia for long but has recently widened its global reach. Chinese poker is easy to learn even when the player does not know about the regular poker. One variation from the conventional poker is that it tends to be a game of chance and provides more probabilities than the traditional poker. However, it still requires a considerable amount of concentration and strategic thinking.

On the other hand, Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is derived from Chinese Poker and comes with significant variations. Despite its name, it does not originate from China, and its variations make it quite different from Chinese Poker.

Similarities and Differences between Chinese Poker and Open Face Chinese Poker

Just like in the Chinese Poker, OFC players take turns in drawing cards from a single deck with the aim of creating the best hand to outdo the competition. Moreover, they do not allow bets to be placed during play rounds. Instead, the game is scored using points.

In OFC and Chinese Poker, up to four players can take part in the game unlike the conventional two to three. When playing draw rounds, players must use 13 cards in order to build three hands. The top hand has three cards. The middle hand has five cards while the bottom hand has five cards. The playing goes clockwise from the left of the dealer. Note that the bottom hand is the strongest, followed by the middle hand and finally, the top hand.

In Turbo OFC Poker, the game starts with each player being dealt five hands. However, after that, each of the players gets four cards in two rounds, bringing the total to three rounds of 5+4+4. This is quite different from the standard Chines Poker.

There is also a double deck OFC Poker variation where players use two card decks having been shuffled together. This increases the variable hands and the number of people who can take part in the game. However, the game is played just like that of the single deck OFC poker.

Open Face Chinese Poker Strategy

During scoring, players at the back, middle and the front are compared. Each of the rows is worth a point. However if the player only wins two out of the three rows, the scores are calculated as 1+1-1 and, therefore, does not win.

If a player wins all the three rows, he is said to have scoped all the opponents and receives three bonus points and gets a total of six points.

When there is a tie, scores cancel each other, and no one is considered a winner. If any player commits a foul, the penalty is six points. If there are two players on the table, the opponent is said to have scooped all the points.

Tips on How to Play Chinese Poker

Chinese poker does not use chips. It is the use of poker hands that gives it its name. Here are a few poker tips to keep in mind when playing the game.

Avoid Invalid Hands

Sometimes, avoiding invalid hands may seem impossible. However, players should avoid it. If a player puts down an invalid hand, all of the other opponents scoop against the player, and he or she loses the game. This can be done by checking that the hands are arranged such that the backhand is the strongest and the top hand is the weakest.

Prevent Others from Scooping

Scooping is always the main poker strategy of Chines poker and OFC. (This is where the player win all the hands). However, if it is rather hard to scoop, the player should prevent the opponents from scooping. In order to achieve this, the player can make the bottom hand really strong rather than trying to balance the three hands.

When combining the cards, a pair of queens provides adequate protection against scooping. However, if the player lacks such as strong hand, he or she may put the second-best hand in the front.

Split Pairs

If a player has a straight and two pairs, the best strategy is to split the pairs. This is because a pair in the front may be quite strong compared with the middle. However, the remaining cards such as AQJ or AK9 are awesome, and the player may go with them in the front and use the two pairs for the middle.

Evolve your poker skills at a casino site – yes, you read that right!

Evolve your poker skills at a casino site – yes, you read that right!

Live dealer casinos are interestingly different. Live poker games come with different variables, constant table talk and a lot of limping (which can be to your advantage). But there are fun variants of poker that is played against a dealer which can be a good way to hone your poker skills.

Evolution Gaming is a giant provider of live casino games. If you are looking for a thrilling experience playing against charming dealers, try playing Evolution live games. Boasting of a wide selection of live games, it is seldom you will exhaust all the variants. Evolution gaming is a bliss for live poker enthusiasts. Prepare for extreme gaming excitement on their live games; from special features to good-looking dealers and fun betting opportunities. Most UK casino sites, here’s a good list of reliable names, offer live casino, so finding a table is the last of your problems.

The average live poker game is easier to understand than the online version. It is time to evolve your poker skills by trying your hand on live poker!

How does a live dealer casino work?

Live poker is without doubt, more thrilling than online poker. At its peak, the dealers are drawing your cards and entertaining you via chat at the same time. Live casinos enable you to play poker from your desired location while getting the same experience as in a land-based casino.

UK casino sites live poker comes with a real dealer. This means you can see and hear as the cards are flipped, rather than computer-generated cards in online casinos.

Advancement in technology has made it possible to stream live casino footage in real time, so you don’t miss a thing. There is literary no delay between the cards being served and them appearing on the screen.

Live dealer tables work exactly as you would expect in a land-based casino. You will see the dealer shuffle and cut the cards. The screen comes with an interactive control panel so you can place wagers and monitor previous betting hands. You can also check your bankroll and choose to chat with the dealer.

Quick tips for playing live poker in UK casino sites

1. Play at the right time, usually at night

Most pro live poker players agree that the night is probably the best time to play. For starters, the night attracts many younger players who place bets more casually.

At night, most of your opponents might be having a glass or two of alcohol, which is an advantage to you. Playing live poker at night also means you have a story to tell your friends the next day.

If you are a serious player, playing poker against recreational players at night, you have a high chance of winning. Imagine, it is late at night and because you are playing for money, you are willing to play as long a possible.

If your opponents are playing for fun and have somewhere to go in the morning, they will hurry the dealer while looking for a quick way out. You can take advantage of their desperation by value betting more.

2. Get a good seat in a live poker game

Choose a poker variant that best suits your skills and bankroll. Once in the game, buy extra chips to use when you need a reload. In live games, regularly topping up increases a good player’s hourly revenue.

Always take advantage when you are in a stealing position from the nitty-gritty player. You can increase your chances of winning by stealing the blinds at least once per hour. If there is a ‘crazy-daring’ player in the room, take a seat on their left, to take advantage of their unwise moves.

3. Practice live poker etiquette

Avoid being a casino jerk and be mindful of other players’ feelings. Tip the dealers fairly. Most major online casinos have an option for tipping the dealers. Learn how to stack chips to avoid slowing down the game and looking a bit inexperienced.

Never joke or make fun of how your opponents are playing. Avoid narrating what is happening at the table or offering ‘expert poker’ advice to others.

Complain less and have more fun. Most live poker players are there to have a good time, not to listen to your whining. No matter how the game goes, don’t blame the dealer for your poor hands or play. Live poker is a game of patience and logical thinking. Concentrate on your strategy and never be rude to the dealer.

In conclusion, live poker is way more fun than online poker. Try your luck on Evolution live games like Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

How to play 7 card stud poker and improve your strategy

How to play 7 card stud poker and improve your strategy

7 Card Stud used to be the most popular form of poker played in the world before the popularity of Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha exploded and took over the scene. Due to its long historic past and high pedigree, it is still regarded by many poker players as a more pure form of the game. It is also a harder game to play than its more popular cousins with more card playing skill involved which has attracted comparisons to games like Gin and Bridge. All poker enthusiasts are recommended to give 7 Card a try and at least be familiar with the rules as it is one of the most popular poker alternatives and knowledge of the rules opens up more online poker mixed games like 8 Game.

How to Play 7 Card Stud

Here is a simplified version of the 7 Card Stud rules to get you started. First off the object of the game, like all poker, is to win the money from the pot, which is made up of your opponents’ bets. To win the pot the player with the best hand is the winner, and this hand is made up of a five card combination. During the deal, each player at the table is dealt two cards that remain face down for now and one card that is face up. Cards are dealt in a clockwise direction one at a time. After the deal players have the chance to bet, check or fold. Next, the players that remain in the hand are then dealt three more cards face up, and another card that is dealt face down. After this deal, there is another round of betting opportunities. Finally, the showdown. Here each active player flips over all of their hole cards and chooses their five best cards from the seven they are holding. The two unwanted cards get discarded and cannot be reclaimed even if a better combo could have been made.

Some key differences between Hold’em and 7 Card Stud

One of the most obvious differences is that there are no community cards as in Hold’em. Blinds are not used, alternatively ante and a bring in is used instead. Every betting round in 7 Card kicks off with the player who is holding the best starting hand, with the exception of the first round – then the card that is lowest up starts off. This also means that before the cards are dealt there is no advantage in relation to the position and it is down to the cards themselves to determine first and last action. Another obvious difference is that there are five betting rounds in 7 Card rather than Hold’ems four.

7 Card Stud Winning Hands

Here is a ranking of winning hands in 7 Card.

  • Five of a Kind – This hand is possible when using wilds. So a potential hand could be four queens and a joker.
  • Straight Flush – When using a normal pack of cards and no wilds this is the highest hand possible.
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House – As normal this is three cards the same plus two other cards the saem, eg. three Jacks and 2 Kings.
  • Flush – This is any five cards of the exact same suit.
  • Straight – When you have five cards in a row but which aren’t all of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pairs
  • One Pair
  • No Pair – If no one has a higher hand than this then whoever has the highest card wins.

Some 7 Card Stud Poker Tips

One of the most important aspects of the game is selecting the best starting hand so try and be as selective as possible.

Try not to call without a very good reason, instead, either raise the pot or just fold.

Keep an eye on the up cards so you can remember which of the crucial cards have gone or are still in the game. This is a skill that will definitely improve with practice and dramatically increase your win rate.

Always get to know the other players and play them. Try and work out who are the calling stations, the bluffers, the loose, and the tight players.

What Are Sit ‘n’ Go Poker Tournaments And How To Develop A Good Strategy!

What Are Sit ‘n’ Go Poker Tournaments And How To Develop A Good Strategy!

Whether you play poker tournaments regularly or are new to the world of online poker, the chances are you’ve heard of sit and go poker. Many players of online poker play sit and go games for their quick nature. Like all types of poker, having a strategy is the key to a successful game. There are many ways to make sit and go tournaments run as smoothly as possible, and knowing what to be aware of can improve your chances of winning. This article will give you a quick overview of sit and go games.

What Are Sit N Go Tournaments?

Sit and go tournaments are an exciting and convenient way to partake in a tournament without having to commit hours of time to get to the final table. You also don’t need to wait around for a long time for a tournament to begin. In a sit and go tournament, you only need to wait for 6-9 players to register before a game begins. The principle of the game remains the same as any other tournament, but you will only have to play on one table rather than several, as opposed to a regular multi table tournament. This means that the game is usually over relatively quickly, and even a 9 player game can be over in less than an hour. The great thing about a sit and go tournament is that most poker sites offer them 24 hours a day, with games starting as soon as enough players are registered to a table. This beats the waiting around that usually comes with tournaments. Although the prize pot at a sit and go tournament will be significantly less than you’d find in a regular tournament, the chances of winning are a lot higher.

Sit And Go Tournaments usually don’t allow late buy-ins or re-buys which takes the temptation away to invest too much of your bankroll in one game. It also means that the game can run as quickly as possible and players will be eliminated from the tournament for good once they are out of chips.

Pot Payouts

Sit and Go Tournaments with 6 players usually pay the top two players, with first place receiving 65 percent of the pot, and 2nd place receiving 35 percent. A 9 player game will generally pay the final three players. This usually equates to 50 percent for first place, 30 percent for second, and 20 percent for third. These figures can vary depending on the poker room that you choose, so always clarify before entering a tournament.

Sit And Go Poker Strategy

Adopting a reliable poker strategy will help you get the most out of your game. Like all other forms of poker, sit and go games require you to adapt your technique to suit the game.

Play With Caution Early On

It is usually a good idea to sit tight during the first stages of the game whilst the blinds are fairly low as it’s usually not worth playing aggressively with a small pot. If you have a strong hand then feel free to play as you feel you need to, but be selective with the hands you play, folding weaker hands is usually the best idea at this stage.

Know When To Make A Big Move

Suited connectors or small pairs are usually worth playing but play with caution. Although they have the potential to create a strong hand, it’s a good idea to fold if the flop doesn’t increase the strength of your hand, or if other players start to raise. Waiting for your cards to come up after the flop is fairly high risk and not advised. However, if the flop produces the results that you have been waiting for then you should act fast and prepare to play more aggressively. Generally players will call with a pair and a weak kicker, so if you’re holding a two pair with a decent kicker then you’re in with a good chance.

Be Patient

If you find yourself being dealt terrible hand over and over and see your stack disappearing to the blinds, try to hang in there. Always remember that in a tournament, you may have the lowest stack on the table and then have the highest stack a couple of hands later. Try to fight the urge to play weak hands out of fear that your stack will disappear completely. Usually your time to shine will come, you’ve just got to be patient.

Deciding between playing on mobile casino apps or desktop – Find out the pros and cons of each

Deciding between playing on mobile casino apps or desktop – Find out the pros and cons of each

Casino gaming has always been hugely popular, and it’s grown in popularity over the years since the internet boom. These days, you can go online and find so many excellent casinos and games to indulge in. Interest in casino gaming is growing, and online casinos mean big business these days. There’s a good chance that, if you have indulged in casino gaming at any point, it’s been online.

Online casino gaming has taken many forms these days, specifically, mobile, app, and desktop gaming. We’re going to look at the difference between these methods of enjoying the online casino experience. It’s important to enjoy the different variations, and each can offer you something different. So, check out the different forms of online casino gaming you can enjoy.

Mobile Casino

Mobile casino gaming is the future of the industry, and many companies have woken up. They have understood the importance of providing customers with a scaled-down, travel friendly version of their casinos. This is why so many mobile casino sites prove to be so popular with young players. Especially as so many of them offer pretty much the full online casino experience no matter where you are. If you are busy and always on the move, this is the ideal choice for you, as you can play on your smartphone during your bus or train ride to work.


Casino apps are all the rage these days, and have become much more ubiquitous following the evolution of smartphones. In fact, apps can offer a more attractive alternative to mobile gaming because you don’t have to access your browser. They are smartphone compatible, as the app will be instantly accessible from your home screen. Real money casino apps allow players the unique chance to enjoy their favourite casino games even in transit, and make some nice cash in the process.

Desktop Casino

Desktop casinos are ideal for those who enjoy the comfort of playing from home, and playing on a big screen while they are at it. The desktop casino experience gives you the entire, involved, in-depth experience of online casino gaming. You get to enjoy every game, every feature, every bonus, every single part of the casino can be experienced in style with desktop access. Most people swear by the desktop format, and it’s easy to see why.


So what about the differences between them? Well, these are all pretty plain to see. Desktop gaming will give you a more comprehensive casino experience, but you can’t take it with you. Mobile casino sites are readily accessible, and can be enjoyed remotely, but they sometimes offer a limited range compared with the desktop variant. And, casino app gaming is pretty much a combination between the two. These slight differences can play a big role in the process of deciding which is right for you.


Now, what people prefer largely depends on their lifestyle and interests. Now, if you like to spend lazy summer evenings with a glass of wine, in the sunshine, having a few spins, desktop is probably perfect for you. If you are busy and find you are always on the move, we would certainly recommend going for mobile or app gaming. Those who like to have a combination of efficiency and interactivity will love to go for the app version.

Overall Experience

Overall, these varieties give customers the full experience of every facet of online gaming int he casino world. Every year casinos are making changes to try to make themselves much more attractive to customers. And there are a lot of things to love about this – for one thing you get much more range and variety from the casinos. The fact that you get to enjoy all the perks of being in a land-based casino, with none of the drawbacks, is one of the best things about online casino gaming. As an experience, we think that mobile app gaming is the most enjoyable and important part of the having a full, and modern, casino experience.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of opportunities these days to enjoy casino gaming online. You have to think about what you want to get out of your virtual casino experience, because this is likely to inform your decision and your preferences. If you’re trying to decide whether to go for desktop, app, or mobile variants, consider what you like best about each, and which will fit into your life in the best possible way. If you can sample each of them before you get started, this is going to help you with the decision-making process.

Poker Player’s Choice – Casino Hold’em and Blackjack

Poker Player’s Choice – Casino Hold’em and Blackjack

While Casino Hold ’em is the most popular poker game, Classic 21 is the most favoured Blackjack variant in UK casinos. Both Casino Hold ’em and Blackjack have millions of fans around the world, who log into their online UK casinos to play either regularly or occasionally. Both games can be challenging to play and win but is one better than the other? Here is a guide to help you choose between playing Casino Hold ’em and Blackjack.

Casino Hold’ em

Casino Hold em is a variant of Texas Hold’em poker that can be found at both online and land-based casinos. The most outstanding feature of Casino Hold’em is that players play against the dealer.

Casino Hold’em rules

  • The game starts with the player making an Ante wager or a progressive Jackpot side bet.
  • The Dealer and the player must each have two cards and there must be three community cards, face up on the poker table.
  • Players can either call or fold. If the player folds, then he loses his cards and Ante bet. If the player calls, the Call bet should be twice as much as the Ante bet.
  • The dealer should have a pair of fours to qualify. If they don’t qualify, the Call bet will push.
  • In case the dealer qualifies and beats the player, the player shall lose both the Ante and Call bets.
  • If the dealer qualifies but loses to the player, both the Ante and the Call bet will pay.
  • If the dealer qualifies but his hand is equal to the player’s hand, then all bets are returned to the player.

Main poker hands in Casino Hold’em

Royal Flush – King, Queen, Jack, Ace and 10, all of the same suit.

Straight Flush – Five cards, all of the same suit, in a sequence.

Four– Four cards of similar denomination, each one in a different suit.

Full House– Two cards of different denominations and three cards of one denomination.

Flush – Five Cards of similar suit.

Straight – Five cards in sequence but of any suit.

Three – Three cards of similar denomination and two unmatched cards.

Two pair – Two sets of two cards of similar denomination and any one card.

One pair – Two cards of similar denomination and three different cards.

High Card – Any five cards.


In Blackjack, players compete against the house, instead of each other. Blackjack is an exciting casino game, apart from the fact that players must act before the dealer. This means that in a game of blackjack, the house will always have an advantage over players.

The main goal is to get a hand total that’s closest to 21, then the dealer. The game starts as the players and dealer each get two cards. Note that while both the player’s cards are face up, the dealer must have one facing down.

Blackjack Rules

  • Blackjack is played with the 52 standard deck of cards. Due to a large number of players, online casinos now offer double deck, single deck, 4-deck, 6-deck and 8-deck variants.
  • Once the dealer shuffles, the player shall ‘cut card’ at any random position within the stacks of cards. If this card is reached during the game, it indicates the final deal of the game, before the cards are re-shuffled.
  • Each player will place their bet in the betting circle at the table. The dealer then deals one card at a time, in a clockwise direction.
  • If the dealer has an ace or 10, players are allowed to place an insurance wager that is half their original bet.
  • If both the player and the dealer have blackjack, the bet is returned to the player.
  • If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, all players with Blackjack are paid and the insurance bets are lost.

In conclusion, both Casino Hold’em and Blackjack are very different casino games. However, both require practise, discipline and patience to win. So which will you pick; Casino Hold’em or Blackjack? If you are unsure where to start, head on over to for a more general introduction to UK casinos, including the best places online offering the two mentioned game types. Good luck!

You May Have Your Poker Skills Down, But How is Your Online Poker Etiquette Holding Up?

You May Have Your Poker Skills Down, But How is Your Online Poker Etiquette Holding Up?

If you have made a decision to move to a land-based casino setting from an online stud poker, or you are considering trying it, you will need to get acquainted with some online poker etiquette before you settle at the table.

Most of the poker players assume that just because they are playing from the back of a computer screen, they can do whatever they want and act anyhow when the play poker online . However, that’s not the case since there are various considerations each poker player must understand before you settle down at an online poker UK table. If you want to know how to play poker online like a professional, observe the following poker etiquette tips.

Be Polite

Having conversations between games is okay. Some of the tables even accept chats and limited gamesmanship around the table in the course of a game. However, it should remain impeccable and fair. Keeping a light chatter and being friendly during a game will make people less begrudged when they lose to you, which is an outstanding trait to cultivate. Avoid upsetting, or trying to offend your opponents, or lying about cards in an attempt to demotivate them because it will only land you in trouble.

Avoid Delaying the Game

Watching other players to ascertain their moves and thinking about your next play is acceptable; but holding up a game by being overly indecisive, ordering drinks and daydreaming is not acceptable.

Take a while and think before you call a big bet, but don’t wait for the dealer to prompt you whenever your turn to place a wager comes.

Don’t Request to See the Mucked Cards

Rules of online poker allow the players to request to view a called offer, but its poor etiquette to do that. The practice exists to eliminate cheating through collaboration; therefore if you seek to see someone else’s cards, you are already branding them a cheat.

Keep Your Chips and Cards in Your Place

The poker tables come in different sizes, but with a complete-ring game, for instance, you should know that there isn’t too much room available. Making sure that your chips and cards don’t mix up with those of other players is your responsibility.

If You Have to Make or Take a Phone Call, Leave the Table

Most of the casinos are usually firm on this rule, therefore, follow it. Taking or making a call will not only distract others but is considered rude as well.

Always Announce Your Action Verbally

You might be aware of what you plan to do, but no one knows until it gets done. Keep in mind that in many games, throwing one chip in, is only a call, irrespective of the size of the counter. Therefore, tell your fellow players what you intend to do first, and especially in games without professional dealers.

Act in Turn

Wait for the play to come around to you before you fold. In fact, you should not even organise your cards in an evident folding position. Reason being it assists players to recognise that players positioned towards the end are planning to fold, hence disadvantaging everyone who acted previously.

Avoid Slowrolling

Slowrolling is a terrible etiquette. Every time you think it’s evident that you possess the best hand and you will call the wager of your opponents, do so once you make your decision. You can slow roll your opponent when playing a home game because it may seem funny, but doing it in a casino game is not acceptable.

Don’t Hit and Run

When playing cash games, it’s okay to go at any time you want. However, if you leave directly after winning a good pot, precisely through a lucky hand, your fellow players will protest that it was a hit and run. To avoid this, linger for some time.

Be Graceful When You Win or Lose

When you lose a gameplay, avoid slamming the table, swearing or throwing the cards at others. It’s a horrible habit because it tells your fellow players that you might be on the slope for the subsequent hands. On the other hand, when you win a bet, keep in mind that, that means the other player has utterly lost and revelling is wrong because it will only bring resentment to the other party.

Don’t Forget to Give Tips

It’s conventional to tip your dealer every time you win a decent pot, and also tip the serving employees when they serve you drinks or food. The amount of the tip will depend on your level of generosity and the country you are currently in as well. Just watch what the residents are doing, and then follow suit.

Pineapple – unavailable at most online poker sites but perfect for home games

Pineapple – unavailable at most online poker sites but perfect for home games

Have you heard of Pineapple Poker yet? It is definitely one of the more fun poker holdem variations. Whilst many online casinos tend to stick with variants like Omaha and Texas Hold’em poker, we want to become advocates for the juicier, fruitier variant.

A brief overview of Pineapple poker rules

The rules of Pineapple poker can be explained in three steps:

  • 1. Every player receives three hole cards from the dealer.
  • 2. A round of betting follows – this is the pre-flop round.
  • 3. Each player now discards one of the hole cards that they have been dealt.
  • 4. The flop is dealt out and the game proceeds in the same way as a game of Texas Hold’em poker.

Essentially, then, a standard game of Pineapple Poker is like a game of Texas Hold’em but with a juicy twist at the beginning. We have plenty of articles on the rules of Texas Hold’em poker if you want to refresh your memory!

A quick guide to terminology

Were you unsure of the meanings of any of the words in the description above? Don’t worry! Here is a handy glossary to get you up to speed:

  • Hole cards: personal cards that each player is dealt out individually. These cards are dealt face down and are kept hidden from the other players. A good poker player will use card counting techniques (check out our articles on this if you are interested) to try and work out what their fellow players’ hole cards are.
  • Pre-flop: the round before the flop.
  • The flop: the round in which the dealer deals out three cards face up on the table. These cards are called the ‘community cards’ and players combine the community cards with their hole cards to try and create a winning hand.

Variants of variants: will it ever end?

Pineapple poker is a variant of Texas Hold’em poker, as we have already mentioned. But the endless variation doesn’t stop there. There are also variants of Pineapple poker itself. Let’s take a look at just one of those variants to give you a taster: Crazy Pineapple poker.

Try your hand at Crazy Pineapple poker

The key difference between Crazy Pineapple poker and Pineapple poker rules is the timing of when you discard one of your hole cards. As we have seen, in Pineapple poker, you will discard it before the flop is dealt. In Crazy Pineapple, you do so after the flop. Crazy, right?

Want to explore other variations of Pineapple poker rules?

There are lots of other options for you. If you liked Crazy Pineapple poker, and if you like words that rhyme, you could always progress on to playing Lazy Pineapple poker for example. Why is it called Lazy Pineapple? Quite simply because in this variant, players do not discard their hole card until the very last stage of the game. How lazy of them!

The importance of a good starting hand

More than perhaps any other poker variant, Pineapple poker is a game where having a good starting hand really matters. The best starting hand that you can get in Pineapple poker is…

A card from a Royal Suit plus a pair of aces

If you find yourself with this starting hand, your chances of winning the game are especially favourable.

Traditionally a game to be played at home

For whatever reason, Pineapple and its variants has usually been thought of as a private variation of poker – i.e. a game to be played with friends at home, perhaps for matchsticks rather than cold, hard, cash. Nevertheless, many online casinos are now offering Pineapple poker both in a computer generated form and as part of their portfolio of live dealer games. If not, you can always call up a few friends and try playing this game at home. Both classic Pineapple poker and Crazy Pineapple are lots of fun.

New To Online Poker? Build Your Bankroll With Some Freerolls!

New To Online Poker? Build Your Bankroll With Some Freerolls!

The first thing that you’re going to need to know when attempting to grow your bankroll playing in a poker freeroll tournament is just exactly what a freeroll tournament is. Luckily, this is quite a simple concept, freerolls are free tournaments that are put on by online poker sites where players can enter for free, but claim small, and rarely large cash prizes or entrance into larger tournament events.

There is no catch, poker freeroll tournaments are always free to join, although some UK online poker sites require you to make a deposit before you can enter freerolls but entering a freeroll tournament doesn’t use any of this deposited money. This is great because freerolls can be a great way to gain experience playing against other players which can translate into more wins when you do decide it’s time to use that deposit. Of course, if you follow the poker freeroll tips we will be giving you below, you might not need to dip into that deposit at all since you can build a good bankroll if you can find enough freerolls to enter and win prizes in.

Poker Freeroll Strategy and Tips

The best poker freeroll strategy for early on in a tournament is to play your cards tight. Don’t make fool bets, and don’t try bluffing. Most of the players in a freeroll tournament either don’t care about the tournament and are just there to kill some time, or just don’t know how to play, so they will call your all-in bluff just because, and they might end up putting you out early. Save the bluffing for later on.

Speaking of the early parts of a freeroll, a good rule of thumb is to go all in before the flop if you are dealt pocket Aces, Kings, Queens, or an Ace/King combo. This way, if someone calls you, you will still have a very good chance of beating them. It will also scare anyone out of the pot who was thinking about playing a mediocre hand, and if they aren’t scared away, these hands make sure the odds are very much in your favour.

Another good time to go all in is if you are dealt pocket Jacks or an Ace/Queen combo, but this should only be done if you’re in a mid to late betting position and no one has raised yet. If anyone before you has raised, or if you’re one of the first to bet, this is too risky, as someone behind you may have something better.

If you are in one of these latter positions, feel free to take a look at the flop if no one else has played anything and you have a mediocre hand. You never know what can happen, and it won’t cost much to take a peek at the start of the tournament. If you manage to make two pair, go all in. If you have an open-ended straight or flush draw and you have opponents that are raising, go all in, but if you have those and they aren’t raising, wait to make your move until you have your straight or flush.

Using those poker freeroll tips, you should be able to make it into the later part of the game and once you are there you will need to tweak your poker freeroll strategy. Now, most of those non-caring players have been eliminated, and you need to look at what you are willing to play differently.

The first thing that changes is that now, instead of going all in pre-flop with the cards we mentioned before, you should instead make a raise and if someone reraises, that’s when you go all in. You should also start doing this with pocket tens.

If you are in a mid to late betting position and you have pocket nines, a King/Queen, Ace/Jack, or Ace/Queen combo and no one has raised before you, then you can do raise, wait for a reraise, and go all in as discussed earlier.

In the late game, and at the final table you must make your decisions after seeing the flop at the latest. The pots will be too big to make extra bets to see a little more at this point. However, if you have raised pre-flop and someone raises you, you should go all in.

At the final table, you need to respect your opponents, they got there with a good poker freeroll tournament strategy just like you did.