The Best Poker Sites Online Have It, But Do You Know How To Play It? – Pyramid Poker

The Best Poker Sites Online Have It, But Do You Know How To Play It? – Pyramid Poker

What is Pyramid Poker?

Pyramid Poker is, in essence, a simplified version of Pai Gow Poker. The difference is mainly that in Pai Gow the number of cards dealt with each player is 7 and with pyramid poker each player is dealt with only three cards. The hand rankings are also very similar, the only difference being that the aces are always high. The cards are always dealt in the shape of a pyramid which gives the game its name.

How to Play Pyramid Poker – Rules

  • The rules for pyramid poker are quite simple and great for beginners wanting to dip their toe into the world of poker playing.
  • Firstly, the game is played with a regular 52 card deck without jokers. At least two people are needed to play the game, but the idea number is around eight.
  • Before you start you need to decide on a dealer and place bets which becomes the “Main bet”. Once the cards have been shuffled each player and dealer receives three cards, dealt laying face down.

The player must arrange his three cards into a 2-card and a 1-card hand. A pair shall beat any two singletons in the 2-card hand. As in Pai Gow Poker, the two-card hand must outrank the one-card hand. The dealer will arrange his or her three cards into two hands according to rules known as the “House Way”. For example, when holding three unpaired cards, the middle-ranking card must be placed in the dealer’s one-card hand. When holding a pair of 2s through 8s, the pair must be placed in the dealer’s two-card hand. When a pair of 9s or higher is obtained, the pair always goes in the dealer’s two-card hand, as long as the singleton is at least a six or higher. Otherwise, the pair should be split according to additional house way rules.

Hands are scored according to poker value. There are no straights or flushes in the 2- card hand. The players 1- card hand will be compared to the dealer’s hand and then the 2- card hands will also be compared. In order to win even money on the main bet, the player’s 2-card and 1-card hands must both outrank the dealer’s hands. If the dealer wins both hands then the player will lose his bet. When a player wins one hand but loses on another then that players bet will result in a “push”. This means that there is no winner and the wager amount is returned. However, if the player wins the dealer on both hands, then the player shall win 1 to 1. If hands are of equal face value it’s called a copy. For example, if both 1- card hands are kings. This automatically goes in favor of the dealer. This gives the casino a house edge of approximately 3.5%.

Pyramid Poker Strategy

There are a few pyramid poker tips and tricks that you can learn.

Play the lowest card in the 1- card hand with any card 2,3 and 5 or greater or any card 2, 4 and queen or greater. When there are three singletons play the middle card in the 1- card hand.

When you are presented with a pair and a singleton it is normally a good idea to play the pair in the 2-card hand. However, there are a few exceptions. If you have a 2 to 4 singleton and a pair of jacks or higher. Also if you have a 5 to 7 singleton and a pair of queens or higher. Additionally, an 8 or 9 singleton and a pair of kings or higher. Finally, a 10 or jack singleton and a pair of aces.

Overall, the best thing is to be alert and to be clever. You know there are 52 cards, no jokers and the possibility of each card showing is 4 in 52 because there are 4 of each card (in hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs). So, if there are four players and you know that, for example, 3 of them have a 4 card you know there is a lower possibility of the dealer having a 4 because 3 of them are already in use. This kind of strategy is not always going to deliver but it can help you narrow down your choices on what cards to play. If the game is very fast paced then it may be more difficult but with practice and studying it can become a vital part of your strategy.

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